Environment 2020 Eco-Logic Awards NOW OPEN for entries

2020 Eco-Logic Awards NOW OPEN for entries

Hosted by online environmental encyclopaedia The Enviropaedia, the 2020 Eco-Logic Awards are now open for entries. The awards ceremony will take place in June 2020.

The invitation to enter the awards is open to South African small businesses, large corporate organisations, non-governmental and community-based organisations, municipalities and individuals leading the way in environmental excellence and innovation.

“Each year we profile and promote the best of South Africa’s eco-champions. We actively encourage all business and private consumers to support and reward these companies and individuals for their eco-logical efforts by purchasing their products and services,” says David Parry-Davies, founder and editor of The Enviropaedia and Eco-Logic Awards.

The best entries from each category will be invited to attend the “glamorously green” Eco-Logic Gala Awards evening in June 2020. There is no entry fee and entries close on February 14. The same project can be submitted in multiple categories. Enter or nominate online at Eco-Logic Awards Website.

Since the competition WAS launched in 2011, the Eco-Logic Awards haVE flourished and grown in scale, status and influence to become one of South Africa’s most prestigious environmental calendar events, with broad support from environmental authorities and thought leaders. it enjoys extensive TV, radio, print and digital coverage.

The 2020 awards will recognise excellence in the following categories:

  • Biodiversity Award
  • Climate Change Award
  • Eco-Innovation Award
  • Recycling and Waste Management Award
  • Eco-Build Award
  • Water Conservation Award
  • Green Economy Award
  • Municipalities Award
  • Eco-Youth Award
  • Eco-Community Award
  • Eco-Angel Award and
  • Eco-Warrior Award

“The Eco-Logic value system is a radically new approach to addressing today’s environmental challenges. It identifies the destructive thinking patterns and values that have led to today’s environmental critical conditions, and promotes an alternative set of constructive values and thinking patterns (the seven virtues of Eco-Logic) that support and benefit people, planet and a green economy,” Parry-Davies says.

A panel of experienced and knowledgeable judges from senior positions in the private and public sectors will use the “virtues of eco-logic” to assess each entry based on the following:

  • Benefits and regenerates the Earth;
  • Reflects long-term, sustainable thinking;
  • Embraces a broadly inclusive and systemic thinking;
  • Demonstrates an Ubuntu care and consideration for others;
  • Is of excellent quality and ethical standard of production;
  • Demonstrates innovation and/or an inspirational vision; and
  • Reflects ‘Eco-Logical wisdom’ by being both intellectually and emotionally intelligent.

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