Uncategorized Watch: Meet the woman changing families in the Cape Flats

Watch: Meet the woman changing families in the Cape Flats

A social worker from Cape Town is working wonders in the community of Heideveld

Danielle Moosajie, the social worker impacting change in the Cape Flats

How do you help a child in poverty? Danielle Moosajie, a social worker based in the Cape Flats, starts with love. The high rate of unemployment in Heideveld directly impacts the youth.

Danielle Moosajie

Meet the social worker from Arise Family bringing generations of suffering to an end.

Posted by Beautiful News South Africa on Friday, 24 January 2020

“Often, when families face poverty, many other human rights have been neglected.”

Danielle Moosajie

Moosajie has for the past 12 years created avenues to help people grow. Her outlook is straightforward – the youth must come first.

A Master’s graduate, Moosajie is the director of Arise, an award-winning NGO that is committed to spring-boarding families and ending generational trauma. 

“If caregivers aren’t dealing with the trauma they have faced in the past, that severely impacts their parenting,”

Moosajie says.

With a range of support groups and individual counselling sessions on offer, she wants to improve the well-being of the community at large.

With her support, families in the Cape Flats are uplifted together and progress together. Holiday clubs, home visits and school programmes driven by the NGO all serve to help heal the community.

“Though I’ve seen pain, I’ve also seen change…When we strengthen families, we strengthen communities.”

Danielle Moosajie

Her passion and commitment provide a soft landing space for people fighting social challenges.

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