Business & Industry This dad used his last R800 to start a booming business

This dad used his last R800 to start a booming business

With only R800 left to his name, a Johannesburg-based dad had to make a choice – risk everything on his entrepreneurial spirit or meet other commitments.

Itumeleng Lekomamyane, 27, decided to use the last of his money to start a sandwich business – and the risk payed off for the young dad.

Lekomamyane has since grown his business, Sandwich Nton Ntons, into a R20,000 a month enterprise with four locations across Johannesburg’s CBD. 

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“I had a choice to either pay my three-year-old’s daughter’s maintenance or use the R800 to start my business. I chose to rather risk it,”

Lekomamyane told Business Insider South Africa. 

Lekomamyane was unable to study further after matric and experienced some difficulties starting his business.  But he persevered and has been sharing his business journey on Twitter.

“Everything I do, I do for my daughter. I want to give her the things that were never afforded to me.” 

Itumeleng Lekomamyane

All of the sandwiches are handmade in the kitchen of his Newtown house and Lekomamyane calculates that he makes between 80-100% profit on all sandwiches sold. 

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He says he specifically chose to sell sandwiches because they were not available on the streets and only sold in more upmarket cafes. “The market was under-served,” he says. 

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