Arts & Lifestyle Uncoupling: Time to focus on YOU this Valentine’s

Uncoupling: Time to focus on YOU this Valentine’s

Create the perfect solo date night for yourself (Image: Seed Property Group)

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is here again. The good news for singletons around the country is that there’s a ton to do for those who are uncoupled, so who cares about those smarmy couples uploading their dinner dates to Instagram – you deserve to treat yourself!

What about asking a bestie to join you for a fun outing?

Or simply follow this cool guide for focusing on yourself on Valentine’s!

Around SA, anti-Valentine’s Day celebrations gigs are aplenty.

Or just have some fun with corny movie screenings, wine and like-minded individuals. 

There’re even events for the anti-Tinder dating app crowd!

So whatever you do, be true to YOU and have a fabulous time, South Africa!