Feel Good South Africans show solidarity with front-line medical workers

South Africans show solidarity with front-line medical workers

A 24-hour running group shows their support for medical workers

Mike Tredway (Image: Facebook)

As the country enters its second week of lockdown, we’ve seen some incredible athletic feats from South Africans.

One mom completed a full Ironman in her house and garden while some have run marathons to keep active, healthy and positive.

Now a group of South Africans have hosted a 24-hour running event in support of our front-line medical staff during this crisis.

‘Run With It 24’ is of a group of KwaZulu-Natal residents who are staying awake and running in their gardens to show support for those working on the front-line of the fight against the coronavirus.

The group was started by Bryce Jackson on April 1 and each member runs one or two kilometeres every hour in their homes and gardens.

Mike Tredway, a member of the group, told Capitalnewspapers the idea was to experience limited sleep in support of those working around the clock to keep the nation safe.

“We are staying awake for those working at the frontline without reward. We want to experience what they going through with limited sleep.”

Mike Tredway

You can follow them on their Instagram account @run_withit24

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