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PE act stuns ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ judges

Port Elizabeth performers Brendon Peel and Li Lau have pulled off the performance of a lifetime on hit TV show Britain’s Got Talent.

The two told HeraldLIVE that after their crossbow escape stunt went horribly wrong at the 2019 National Arts Festival, they swore never to do the act again.

But the dangerous act caught the interest of Britain’s Got Talent and so the two agreed to do it just one more time – on the famous talent show.

Lau, a daredevil escapologist, and Peel, a mentalist and magician, say the crossbow routine is by far the most dangerous act they have performed, but that doing  it one last time in Britain was  worth it.

“I’ve had injuries before but this was definitely the most serious injury I’ve ever received.” Lau says, recalling their frightening performance at the National Arts Festival.

The crossbow arrow had pierced Lau’s head and he had to get five stitches.

“It was a timing issue – the arrow pierced my head while I was ducking”

Li Lau

Peel and Lau recorded the act for Britain’s Got Talent in early January – this time without incident –   and have been itching to share news of their success ever since.

Peel says the  producers had asked them to send in an audition video in 2019 and they were chosen for participation over thousands of other entries.

The performance was pre-recorded in January with BGT releasing the performance on their social media on April 14.

Their final act left judge Simon Cowell astounded and the audience diving under their seats in fear.

The two pulled off their performance in about 2½ minutes and got a standing ovation afterwards.

They say their disastrous performance at the National Arts Festival was a blessing in disguise as it had brought a huge door of opportunity.

“Already UK publications are saying what we did on the BGT stage was one of the most dangerous acts ever to be seen on the show.” Peel says.

Since their performance was shared on YouTube they have received  calls from around the world.

“We can’t say much at this point, but things look very promising. People are calling us interested in potentially working on future projects locally and internationally.”

Li Lau

The two  have performed together since 2018, and say they have more dangerous and mentally challenging acts up their sleeve.

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